Skills Report

Realise your greatest strengths in just minutes.

The Skills Report is the easy way for students to reveal their best soft skills

Show an employer or university that you’re more than just an ATAR result


It’s hard to show how good you are at soft skills like resilience, initiative and teamwork. That’s where the Skills Report can help.

Complete the online questionnaire, and you’ll get a clear, presentable PDF overview of your best ‘soft skills’ – the perfect way to show people what you’re good at.

  • Simply answer a series of Yes/No answers
  • It takes just 10 minutes to do
  • Get your reports via email straight away

You get two (2) helpful PDF reports

A one-page Core Skills Report that displays what things you’re good at and how you gained these skills.

A multi-page Strengths Report that shows your test outcomes in much more detail – with helpful information about your current soft skills, how to show evidence of them, and how to build those skills further.

These can help your application for a job, university place or higher education, or to review what your best skills are right now.

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