Standard School Membership

Save up to 10 hours per week searching for careers and study information with a Study Work Grow School Membership.

Delivering you personalised, researched news from across your state (or across Australia) each week, you’ll know exactly what’s happening. Combined with free access to our digital specialty guides, online tools and more, you’ll have everything you need to provide a comprehensive careers program at school – keeping students, parents and colleagues informed about the important things they need to know.

With a school membership, you’ll get Weekly researched news for your state or territory (plus any others you wish) gathered manually from over 400 sources, plus:

  • Specialty Guides worth over $500 on topics like Entry to Medicine, Work Experience, Early Entry, Co-op Scholarships, Open Days
  • A Careers Hub for your school to share your important documents, notices, newsletters etc.
  • Appointments Calendar for booking student meetings with you
  • Premium Student Access for EVERY student at school

Plus you’ll also have access to our Work Experience Database, Job Spotlights, Scholarships Database, Subject Selection Calculator, Resume Builder and so much more.

Sound good? A Standard Membership starts with THREE (3) Months to try everything out first, so why not start today? Pop your details into the enquiry form below and click ‘Start Now’. There’s no need to complete the shop purchase or pay anything today.


$363.00 inc GST

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