Subject Selection Posters

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“…a great way for students to start the week. I love the video and the one question for discussion – just brilliant.”
Juliana Dignam – Leader of Learning Careers/VETSt Edward’s College, NSW


Make Subject Selection easier with these new A4 posters.

Perfect for subject selection sessions at school, or information evenings, these universal posters help students & parents see what the possibilities are on the other side of studying each subject.

Each A4 poster introduces:

  • The name of the subject
  • What you will learn
  • Why you would pick it
  • And several jobs that need it, with labour market info included

Plus, if you’ve done the Career Cluster quiz with your students, they can see which Career Cluster it matches with too.

Beautifully printed on heavy 160 gsm poster stock, they’re a great way to visualise Subject Selection options for your students this year.

Here are the 37 subjects included: 

  • English Standard & Foundation
  • English Advanced & Extension
  • English Literature
  • Maths Standard & Foundation
  • Maths Advanced & Specialist
  • Science Biology
  • Science Chemistry
  • Science Physics
  • Science Earth & Environmental Science
  • Science Psychology
  • HSIE Business Studies
  • HSIE Economics
  • HSIE Geography
  • HSIE History
  • HSIE Indigenous Studies
  • HSIE Legal Studies
  • HSIE Languages
  • HSIE Politics, Ethics, Philosophy
  • HSIE Society & Culture
  • HSIE Studies of Religion
  • Technology Design & Technology
  • Technology Digital Technology
  • Technology Engineering
  • Technology Food Technology
  • Technology Industrial Technology
  • Technology Primary Industries
  • Creative Arts Dance
  • Creative Arts Drama
  • Creative Arts Film & Media
  • Creative Arts Music
  • Creative Arts Visual Art
  • Health and Fitness PDHPE
  • Health and Fitness Sport & Recreation
  • Vocational Automotive
  • Vocational Construction
  • Vocational Early Childhood
  • Vocational Hospitality & Tourism


How to make the most of your Subject Selection Posters:

First step – get them laminated. That way, you can use them several times in many different settings and they’ll still look like new.

You can then put them up on walls, on display boards, arranged on tables, handed around in class, or simply in a place that makes it easier for students and parents to view them. Combined with the Subject Selection Workbook (and Subject Selection Guide for Ponder Member Schools) and you’ll have everything you need to make this year’s process a breeze.


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