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Effortlessly teach careers to all levels from Year 7-12 with week-by-week content that's aligned with Australia's best-practice frameworks

Be an innovative career leader at school

As a school careers practitioner, pathways coordinator or guidance counsellor, you’re shaping Australia’s future every day. But encouraging every young dream (and preparing the teaching content to inspire them) is a lot to achieve on your own. 

That’s where Study Work Grow can help – by providing a year-long career education  framework for all students, so you can effortlessly deliver career innovation at school.

Right lessons, Right Students, Right Time

Introducing the Career Development Framework

Career leaders have been asking for a ‘scope & sequence’ to know they’re teaching the right things AND to save preparation time. 

So we created the Career Development Framework – a complete teaching structure for senior school career studies, developed in consultation with both public and private school educators. 

It provides career leaders with:

40 Week Structure

A whole year's worth of lesson starters, handouts, diagrams, questions, activities, videos and student-friendly emails

For each Year Level

Year 7's and Year 12's are very different. So our content is adjusted for each year level (ensuring you're teaching the right things, at the right time)

With Best Practice in mind

The 'CDF' is based on the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, as well as ACARA's General Capabilities to ensure you're delivering educational best-practice

Scheduled, prepared, and ready to teach – whether you’ve got a lot of contact hours (or just a few).

Save time with a teaching framework provided for each school term

Show students how to consider their options with in-class or emailed activities

Inspire them with weekly videos, questions, worksheets and more

Print and online working together

Grab their attention

Increase the presence of your careers program with posters, handbooks, and other resources that help you spread the world. Each pack is aligned to the Ponder Program, and includes over $180 worth of our resources, including:

  • 10x A3 Posters for your classroom walls (each one is aligned with the Ponder Program weekly content)
  • Our latest premium Handbooks such as Early Entry, Subject Selection, Entry to Medicine, Co-op Scholarships and more
  • 5x Job Spotlight brochures which are great for starting career conversations
  • And lots of other extras throughout the year, like our Industry Outlook Cards, Career Influencer Lanyards, Goal Toolkits and much more

Boost engagement at home and at school

Career readiness is included

A good careers curriculum also needs to cover lots of practical items too.

You’ll have access to Student Memberships for everyone so they can use the Resume Builder, Goal Generator, Subject Selection Calculator, Work Experience Finder and Scholarships Database.

There’s so many practical career readiness tools to explore and use, both in class and at home. 

Designed for schools, everywhere...

Since 2006, we’ve been supporting teachers, and inspiring students right across Australia – from Christmas Island to the Capital CBD’s, and tiny outback schools to Australia’s largest colleges. 

Whatever your careers program looks like, the Career Development Framework (and the huge range of resources you’ll have access to) will make the difference you’re looking for. 

Teachers love the service we provide

“The services you provide are such good value for the subscription, and I congratulate the whole team on the resources you compile. You are virtually a one-stop careers shop!” 

Elisabeth Wells ALIATec – Senior School Information Services
Blue Mountains Grammar School

“I’ve had a look a the Ponder Program and am glad I subscribed as the resources look great. The online lessons are certainly engaging.” 

Lyn Druery – Careers Advisor
Immanuel Lutheran College

“So much content and useful information, it really is terrific.” 

Ashley Symons – Careers Adviser
Pennant Hills High School

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