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Effortlessly deliver career education to students' aged 12-18 with content that's aligned to the world's best-practice frameworks

Be an innovative career leader at school

As a school careers practitioner, pathways coordinator or guidance counsellor, you’re shaping the future every day. But encouraging every young dream (and preparing the teaching content to inspire them) is a lot to achieve on your own. 

That’s where the Ponder Program can help – by providing a year-long career education framework for your entire senior school that students love and teachers enjoy using.

It’s an easy way for you to bring innovation (and an inspirational futures program) to your school, wherever you may be based. 

Right lessons, Right Students, Right Time

Introducing the Career Development Framework

Career leaders have been asking for a ‘scope & sequence’ to know they’re teaching the right things AND to save preparation time. 

So we created the Career Development Framework (CDF) – a complete teaching structure for senior school career studies, developed in consultation with both public and private school educators. 

It provides career leaders with:

40 Unit Structure

A whole year's worth of flexible lesson content, handouts, questions, activities, videos and editable Student Workbooks (PDF)

For each Year Level

Early secondary students are very different to upper senior students. So our content is adjusted for each year level (ensuring you're teaching the right things, at the right time)

With Best Practice in mind

The CDF is modelled on the world's best-practice career education frameworks, ensuring you and your team are delivering educational excellence

Save time with a teaching framework provided for each school term/period

Empower educators on your team to deliver short Ponder lessons in Homeroom/Form Class, PDHPE, Pastoral Care, Wellbeing, or Mentoring sessions

Engage students with contemporary videos and workbook activities

Start positive student conversations

The new Career Clusters Resources are all included

Like to get students thinking about the future? 

We’ve integrated our unique Career Clusters  resources and learnings throughout the new 2023 Ponder Program.

  • Give students a new way to think about careers
  • Help them identify their cluster with our Student Quiz
  • See which clusters your entire cohort fits in for better planning and insights

Aligned with the world's leading career education frameworks

Every country has great educational curriculums, but what if you could combine the best of each one into a single career curriculum?

Then, you’d have the Ponder Program. We’ve looked at best-practice from: 

  • Australia
  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand 

To create one holistic career education framework you can use to prepare students for a modern world of work. 

Commended for use by Schools

The Ponder Program was “strongly recommended” by the independent CDAA reviewer in August 2022 as achieving every assessment criteria for Content, Credibility, Originality, Usefulness, Currency, Value & Accessibility.

Which means you can purchase the Ponder Program for your school with confidence.

Teachers love the service we provide

“The services you provide are such good value for the subscription, and I congratulate the whole team on the resources you compile. You are virtually a one-stop careers shop!” 

Elisabeth Wells ALIATec – Senior School Information Services
Blue Mountains Grammar School

“I’ve had a look a the Ponder Program and am glad I subscribed as the resources look great. The online lessons are certainly engaging.” 

Lyn Druery – Careers Advisor
Immanuel Lutheran College

“So much content and useful information, it really is terrific.” 

Ashley Symons – Careers Adviser
Pennant Hills High School

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