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Find out what the research says about how we can improve subject selection for senior students

Rethink Subject Selection...

We’ve done the research and found that students who are prepared and supported through subject selection make more informed decisions that lead to better transitions. 

If you want to help your students understand complex topics like scaling, prerequisites, and the impact of VET qualifications on their selections, then the Subject Selection Report and Workbook are here to help. 

The last few years have been rough, so we’ve decided to make the Report and Workbook (including the printer-friendly version) free for all schools to access for 2022. 

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Tools for you and your students

The Workbook (both digital and printer-friendly) has been developed as a result of our findings from the Report into Subject Selection. 

Together, and in combination with your existing Subject Selection programs, these tools will help you refine how you support students and parents through the process of selecting senior subjects. 

We've covered


Explore required subjects and what they mean for students


Understand how mindset impacts subject selection


Subject choices should expand their options


Learn about how we've approached subject selection

We've helped tens of thousands of students

Which is the real point. We’re here to make things easier for you, your students, and their parents. 

"The Report was really useful and hit the aspects that I discuss with our students here."
Graham Powell
Careers Advisor, Aquinas College
"Thank you for providing such great information - it certainly makes the job a little easier"
Kathryn Knowles
Senior Studies & Careers Coordinator, Waverley College
"So much content and useful information. It is really terrific."
Ashley Simmons
Careers Adviser, Pennant Hills high School

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