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Are your parents engaged with your career program?

Parents are the #1 influence in the post-school decision-making process, and if you want to run a really effective career or transitions program then you need to include them, or your students will be the ones who miss out. 

Over 32 pages, we’ve looked at how parental influence works, how to reach parents even when they’re busy, and the types of support they need to succeed. 

Whether you work with students in a school, or work in some other way with young people, you need to read this report. 

About the Author

Career Education has been a part of Lucy’s life since she was 10 years old, and would spend her pupil free days putting up Careers Bullseye Posters in her Dad’s Career Advisor office. 

Lucy is passionate about engaging students, parents, and teachers in the career development process, to give young people the best chance of a successful transition. 

Lucy Sattler

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We’ve had some great feedback about our other Reports; hear what Career Development Professionals have to say:

…just wanted to say that Subject Selection Report was excellent. I am going to talk about it with my Head Teacher when we do Subject Selection. 
It was really really good!

Michelle Ibrahim

The Report into Subject Selection is fantastic, as indeed are all your articles. We will certainly use it for students, staff and parents when our Subject Selection time comes around.

Lyn Johnston

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