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Young people mental health

Looking to the Future: Young People and Mental Health

Life as a young person can sometimes feel tough, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, political uncertainty, and concerns about the environment. A recent study conducted by the University of Melbourne across schools in Australia sought to understand

Insights Report – Impact of COVID

Short on time? Watch the video: We asked students, parents, teachers, and principals, how much impact COVID-19 has had on them, and the results show that the students are more ok than we think. In fact, from the data, it

Insights Report – Early Entry

Over the last three years, we’ve compiled data on University Early Entry Programs for our annual Early Entry Guide, and we’ve noticed a few changes. Recently, UAC (the Universities Admissions Centre in NSW) responded to the growing uncertainty amongst this

Report into Parental Engagement | Study Work Grow

Report into Parental Engagement

Why parent engagement matters   There are currently half a million Year 11 and 12 students in Australia. Research shows that parents are the most significant influence in determining students’ post-school career pathways, (even when they’re uniformed). So to create

Report into Subject Selection

Subject Selection Report

We’ve taken a look at Senior Subject Selection in Australia to deliver this comprehensive report. Our findings could help your refine and improve your school-based subject selection processes, so that students are supported in the best way possible through their


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