Are you missing out on Scholarship $$$’s?

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The Good Education Group has written an article about unclaimed scholarships – read it here.

Each year, many scholarships go to waste due to a lack of applicants. Sure, you could spend time applying for a scholarship and not get it, but on the flip side you may be the only person who applies!

Our advice would be to do your research, including checking out scholarship sources on our scholarships page here, and apply for everything:

  • Put together an application pack with all the documents you’ll need for each application, like proof of citizenship, your birth certificate, and your reports
  • Prepare some answers to common questions, like
    • ‘why do you need this scholarship?’
    • ‘how will this scholarship help you go further with your studies?’
    • ‘what do you intend to do once you graduate?’
  • Keep a checklist of the scholarships you’ve applied for including the notification dates, so you’re not left wondering

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