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A cadetship is an effective way of launching your career from the start of university rather than after you graduate. For twelve years, Professional Cadetships Australia (PCA) has provided opportunities for Year 12 students to apply for a cadetship and during that time, 185 cadets have been placed under our programs.

There are two programs: Business Cadetships and Engineering & Technology Cadetships (ETCAD).

Business Cadets are placed at UBS, a top-ranking global bank, in Sydney, and there is also the opportunity for a cadet placement in Melbourne.  The Program provides cadets with a wonderful opportunity to launch their business career. Business Cadets can choose from a broad range of university degrees, including Economics, Commerce, Business, Advanced Studies, Social Science, Arts, Computer Science & Technology and Mathematics. Cadets combine study and work throughout their cadetship. UBS has been a part of the program since its inception and continues to place cadets across the firm. In addition, the bank intends placing Technology Cadets under the Business Cadetships Program.

Under this year’s ETCAD Program, Engineering Cadets will again be placed in Sydney with Cubic Transportation Systems, the world leader in transport payment and traffic management systems.
Cadets may choose to study Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Computer, Software or Industrial Engineering. Alternatively, cadets may undertake a flexible entry Engineering degree. It is also possible to study Science, Computer Science or Information Technology while working at Cubic. Engineering Cadets combine full-time university study with paid work at Cubic over vacation periods.

By studying and working at a leading company from the start of university, cadets earn a competitive advantage over students who delay work until after they have graduated. Compare the outcomes for a university student and a cadet in the table below:

University studentBusiness or ETCAD Cadet combining study + work
Pays university feesReceives a secure remuneration package
Learns about the world in theoryPuts theory into real world practice
Is unsure of academic strengthsDiscovers at work where strengths lie and tailors degree accordingly
Has limited opportunity to experience the business worldHas unlimited opportunities to experience the world of banking and finance
Does not know what the future holds on graduationHas a sound understanding of business practices and the competitive edge on graduation

Year 12 students apply online to Professional Cadetships Australia. We run the application process and conduct first-round interviews in order to determine which candidates will be referred to participating companies.

Applications for the Business Cadetships Program open on 4 March and close on 15 May 2019.

Applications for the ETCAD Program open on 29 April and close on 21 June 2019.

Only current Year 12 students can apply for our cadetship programs. It is not possible to apply once you are attending university. So, if you would like to take advantage of these opportunities, make sure you apply by the due deadlines.

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