John Curtin Scholarship Program


The John Curtin Scholarship Program invests in future leaders who intend to use their abilities and passion to lead positive change in the community. Scholars receive a high level of financial support over the duration of their undergraduate studies. More importantly, the program provides opportunities for scholars to develop the personal qualities to become a future leader and the capability to inspire change.

Offered by: Curtin University


The John Curtin Scholarship Program will provide the following:

Comprehensive financial support

  • Course fees for the duration of the undergraduate degree (excluding the SSAF)
  • Cash stipend of $2,000 per annum to assist with living expenses

Scholars may opt to receive a cash stipend of $8,000 per annum in place of the fee and stipend payment.

International study experience

  • A one-off cash payment of $6,000 to contribute towards an eligible international study experience where the scholar can immerse themselves in another culture and learn about their field of study in a global context.

Leadership opportunities

Scholars are encouraged to engage in projects that will give them real world leadership experience. Through these experiences, the program enables scholars to build their leadership skills, facilitate positive change and create a meaningful impact with their discipline of study.

Mentoring and alumni network

  • Scholars will be paired with a current JCSP mentor throughout their degree

The John Curtin Scholar Alumni are closely connected with the current scholar group and have attained numerous achievements across the public and private sectors, and in further study. Alumni provide ongoing inspiration and mentorship to current scholars, serving as an invaluable resource.

Eligibility Criteria

School leaver applicants are those who will be completing Year 12 in this current academic year that the scholarship closes in.

  • Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian or New Zealand citizen
  • Current year 12 student in the top 5% of their high school’s graduating year and be nominated by a professional educator (and endorsed by high school principal)
  • Selected Curtin University as a first preference through TISC to undertake an undergraduate degree by the scholarship closing date
    • Preferences must be confirmed by the closing date of this scholarship application, and remain unchanged until the scholarship is awarded
    • It is the nominees responsibility to ensure that they have completed the declaration and finalised the payment to TISC to ensure that their preferences are valid by the deadline stipulated. Nominees should familiarise themselves with TISC processes, deadlines and timelines for preferences to be available to institutions.
  • Able to demonstrate leadership qualities and engagement in community service
  • Commencing undergraduate degree in semester 1, 2023







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