Youth Off the Streets National Scholarship Program

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The National Scholarship Program celebrates the talents and strengths of young people across Australia who exhibit extraordinary promise – but who lack the support and resources to fulfill their potential.

Provided by: Youth Off the Streets

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What does a scholarship include?

  • Financial support – recipients receive $6,000 towards educational or training goals over two years, including course fees and support costs such as equipment, uniforms, textbooks and stationery
  • Staff support – our staff assist scholarship recipients with budgeting expenses, housing, employment, healthcare, counselling and other service referrals
  • Mentoring each recipient is matched with a trained mentor who provides guidance and support during the scholarship period
  • National scholarship awards ceremonythis event is held in November and formally recognises each recipient’s achievements

Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply?

  • Students aged 16 to 21 inclusive as at 20 September on the year of nomination.
  • Citizens or permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand (evidence will be required).
  • Students with a clear need for financial assistance.
  • Students studying in Australia for the two year period of the program.

All successful applicants convey their genuine talent, ability and determination in any education or training course, including (but not limited to):

  • Academic skills
  • Visual or performing arts
  • Sport
  • Trade skills
  • Music



1 March 2021


4 June 2021


$6,000 AUD




General | TAFE or VET | University


Arts and Recreation | Aviation and Transport | Business | Construction | Design and Manufacturing | Education | Environment | Health | Hospitality and Retail | Information Technology | Law | Marketing and Communication | STEM


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