Make it easier to focus on your studies with financial support. You’ll find hundreds of scholarships in our database to suit every student.

What is a scholarship, and why would someone want to give me money?

A scholarship is a part-payment or full-payment of your course or study fees (which may also include things like accommodation, travel, mentoring and living expenses).

They’re offered because people can see the value of further study and want to remove the barriers to study that some people experience, and to reward students for hard work.

Scholarships aren't just for high achievers

Scholarships generally fit into two categories – one based on your personal achievements, and one that helps people who may have been disadvantaged.

There are also scholarships for special interest groups, such as for the children of veterans, or agricultural industry scholarships.

equity scholarships

Financial Hardship

Disturbance/upheaval at school

Remote & Regional Students

Female Students

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Refugee Status

merit scholarships

Academic Achievement

Sporting Ability

All-round Achievement

Community Service

Student Scholarship

A scholarship could be closer than you think

While some scholarships are highly competitive, others often fail to attract applicants – which means anyone who applies (and meets the eligibility criteria) could find themselves successful.

Applying for scholarships is good practice for applying for jobs later on, plus scholarships look amazing on your resume, so apply even if you don’t think you’ll get it. You never know what could happen.

Which scholarship is right for me?

First, you could choose your preferred university, TAFE or VET provider, then see what scholarships they offer.

Or, you could search for scholarships, find ones that would be suitable and apply for them all, then choose your institution and program based on which ones you receive. There’s no limit to how many scholarships you can apply for, as long as you’re eligible.

Student Scholarship

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