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Careers Advisors in Australian high schools often tell us they’re tight for time, and for budget. Yet the next step for their students is to be making a successful transition into adult life.

With a wide range of career tools from Study Work Grow, you can stop worrying about having enough time and funds – as our highly affordable Schools Membership does it all for you.

Here’s some of what you’ll get from us:


Higher Education News

Stay up-to-date on the latest higher education and further education news from across Australia and the globe, including updates from universities, VET providers, and UAC, QTAC, VTAC, TISC, and SATAC.

Scholarships and Work Experience

If students are looking for financial support or resume-boosting work experience send them to our comprehensive databases and save yourself valuable time. We add new items each week.

Resumes and Portfolios

It's never been easier for students to keep track of their accomplishments and create professional resumes. We'll even send them reminders, so they update their portfolio on a regular basis.

Careers Events Calendar

Find all the Open Days, Info Sessions, Conferences, Workshops, Camps, and Deadlines from education institutions, private providers, and employers. Search by state and plan your calendar.

Workbooks and Guides

Keep students (and their parents) informed about all the most important topics with our guides and workbooks. You'll find all the information you need for each topic in the one place.

Teaching Resources

Not only do we search for engaging and relevant resources for you to use in class, we also create our own curriculum aligned activity sheets you can use in class.

A great resource. The first recommendation I make to a new Career Counsellor is to subscribe to this publication.


Rose lyons

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We can help

Some Careers Advisors have huge full-time workloads, yet at other schools, teachers are trying to do their work with little time allocation at all. 

No matter what your situation is, Study Work Grow can help. Here’s how:

Weekly higher education news & updates

Our team searches hundreds of sources to find you the latest updates from every Australian university, TAFE, VET provider, major employer and more. Delivered to your inbox every Monday, it saves many hours each week with a format you can easily share with students.

Custom Careers Hub (Your own FREE Careers Website)

Our school-branded mini-sites are packed with tools, resources and news for your school community, plus they’re maintenance free. We populate it with the latest news, events, scholarships and opportunities for you, saving you even more time each week.

Partner with Parents

Parents want their children to successfully graduate from school into higher education or work. As a Study Work Grow Member School, your school parents can get access to our valuable resources for FREE – so you can empower students together. 


Here’s what your day could look like with Study Work Grow at school

At Study Work Grow, we love empowering teachers by doing research and content preparation that saves them time. Because it simply doesn’t make sense for thousands of busy teachers to duplicate the same work. 

You do what you do best, and leave everything else to us.


Coffee and emails

You open one titled ‘Weekly Update’ and quickly get an update on all the major things happening in universities, VET providers, employers and more this week. You’re ready now for the big questions you’ll face today from students and parents. Excellent.



News Update

You forward the pre-prepared Student news section to your Senior cohort, and prep for class. No wasting several hours prepping newsletters anymore.



It’s Year 10 Careers Class

You open the Super Simple Resume Builder as an in-class activity and take students through the process of creating a resume so they can apply for their first casual job (and be ready for bigger applications post-school).



Appointment with your Principal

They want an update on the post-school transition results for last year’s graduating seniors. You quickly open your Study Work Grow Teacher dashboard and show the results of your Destination Surveys. See, you did do a good job last year after-all.



Time for a break

Your very eager Year 12s are asking about University applications. Thankfully you’ve got this year’s Early Entry Guide to refer to over morning tea. With every University Early Entry program listed, you’ve saved half a day of searching.



Parent Emails

An enquiry about post-school employment options (good thing you’ve got so many Job Spotlights to share). Another about post-school training – you send them the Apprenticeships & Traineeships Guide, done. And lastly, an enquiry about Scholarships – you share the Scholarships database (and a copy of the annual Scholarships Guide). In just 10 mins, you’ve got 3 happy parents.



Year 9 Goal Setting

They’re keen with lots of ideas, but nothing definite. Great – you get them all to login to the Study Work Grow Goal Generator and spend a whole enjoyable lesson thinking of big possibilities and turning them into firm, structured goals. #Win.




You check your Appointment Booking System to see what individual student appointments are booked this afternoon and tomorrow. Calendar, sorted.



Career Counselling

Time to chat. One student wants to know about UTAS as their family is moving to Hobart. Easy – Study Work Grow has the details. One student wants to know about becoming a doctor. Here’s the Entry To Medicine Guide for every Australian university. Tick. And the last student wants to know about their skills for a resume. Refer them to the Ponder Skills Test and ten mins later they’ve got everything they need to highlight their strengths and skills.



Back to the office

A quick look at the Work Experience Dashboard to see what placements are on offer for Year 10 students this month and next. You pop a quick email to Parents and the P&C encouraging local business owners to add any extra offers they know of to your system.



Lesson Prep

Tomorrow is Year 10 Subject Selection. Thankfully there’s also a Study Work Grow guide for that too. A 15 minute job now instead of an hour.



Home time

Thanks to your Study Work Grow membership, you can head home knowing your careers program is informed, resourced, and ready to help your students become their best.


I took over the careers position in our school last year and was a little nervous. Careers encompasses such a vast area, touching the lives of the academically high achieving university students to our VET students aspiring to pursue an apprentice or traineeship pathway. SWG provide so many wonderful resources that address the needs of all our students. 

They organise their resources into user friendly categories and are easy to access. I feel secure knowing SWG will have relevant, updated and accurate information for students and their parents/carers. Their job of the week provides students with an insight to potential future vocations, with helpful links and course advice. 

All dimensions of university are covered, including early entry, open days, scholarships, webinars, work shops, study opportunities as so much more. I am so thankful of their support and guidance. Extremely professional and informative.

careers Advisor, Freeman catholic college

darren hughes

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