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Inspiration, opportunity, and inclusion

When we started Study Work Grow back in 2006 (then we were called MHSCareers), we had two simple purposes – 

  1. To make life easier for Careers Advisors, and
  2. To improve the way students found out about career-building opportunities

Today, we still want to help Careers Advisors and young people, but we go about it with purpose

We know that young people thrive when they understand their strengths and can see a path forward. The world many of us grew up in has gone, and the next generation faces social and environmental challenges we could never have imagined. 

Our purpose is to help today’s students prepare as well as they can for what may lie ahead. We’re inspired by those we serve – youth movements are championing a world of positive change, leveraging technology to influence millions of people, and generating a groundswell of support for diversity, equity, and inclusivity. 

At Study Work Grow, we hear their voices and share their concerns. 

We want to help the next generation of leaders and changemakers access the opportunities that unlock doors and smash ceilings, so they can take us further than we ever dreamed. 

We're student focused

Money is nice, but it’s not why we’re here. There’s a saying in marketing that if a service is free, then you are the product. 

We would prefer that our students kept control of their data, so their career exploration can’t be influenced by products and marketing. That’s why we’re a private social impact business – so we can focus on the needs of our students before anyone else.

We use a portion of our profits to develop new and innovative programs, keep costs low for schools and parents, and provide a service that’s accessible for students from all socio-economic backgrounds. 

Our Core JEDI Values


We dismantle barriers to opportunity faced by many students across Australia, and aim to make it possible for students to access the support they need to achieve their potential. Intersectional oppressions hold students back, so we advocate for improved programs from higher education providers, industry, and employers. 


Our programs are designed to be accessible and informative regardless of location or situation. On a practical level, this means we provide the same level of research and resource for rural and remote locations as we do for inner-city locations, and we consider every career path, regardless of prestige or potential profit. 


We believe that all people deserve respect and the right to see themselves, their lives, and their aspirations reflected in our work. Our diversity policy is explicit, and guides our design and content choices as we aim to help all students see what they could be. 


Stereotypes and bias pervade career choices, and we actively work against these in our choice of language, content, and design. Our approach breaks down assumptions and prioritises individual strengths, while avoiding harmful deficit language. Students are encouraged to imagine the possibilities without self-limiting behaviours. 

Want to talk about our mission?

How we give back

Our low-cost policy

We keep costs as low as possible for schools, and haven’t raised our membership price since 2009. This means school’s have more left in their budget for other activities and programs. The fees we charge encourage school’s to place value in the program and get the most value (just like a gym membership motivates you to work out).

Rural, remote, and small school memberships

Schools outside of metropolitan centres, small schools, and schools that serve disadvantaged students can access heavily reduced prices for memberships. 

Free submissions for providers

We don’t charge to submit news and events for our newsletters and resources, and this means that we can include every opportunity that may be useful for students, rather than just news from people who pay us. We don’t offer website advertising and we don’t allow on-site remarketing.

We reinvest profits into new programs

We’re always creating new resources and programs, and we use our profits to develop new services to help support schools and students. These include online programs, enhanced engagement services, and our popular guides and handbooks. 


We’re passionate about protecting the environment for the future generations we serve. We choose to champion environmentally sustainable solutions and avoid representing or promoting environmentally damaging career paths and industries.

Where possible, we choose environmentally sustainable resources and printing materials. Our office runs on 100% renewable energy and we aim to remain carbon neutral. 

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