Help your students create their Study Work Grow membership

Your students can sign up to read the news, learn about events, and use all our resources as part of your school subscription

It's easy to tell your students about Study Work Grow

Study Work Grow has been designed with lots of great features that everyone in school community can use – including parents and students. It’s easy to sign up, and we’ve included some print and email resources you can use to get the word out.

There’s also a page designed for you to use as part of your lessons if you want to get your students to sign up during class – find it here.

Secure online signup

Direct your students to our website – – and then go to ‘Find Your School’ in the menu bar.


Use your unique school code

Your code is case sensitive, and if they don’t have the right code they won’t be able to complete the signup process

Personalise what they see

Next, students can refine the types of news and opportunities we send.

Choosing their interest groups helps us tailor the news they see and keeps our service relevant, which helps us to deliver better outcomes for students.

Start exploring

Students will now be logged in and have their own unique profile, username and password. They’ll also receive the news each week via email.

Spread the word

Getting the message out about Study Work Grow is easy, simply choose a method or combination of methods that suit your school from the options below.

We’ve created some easy-to-use announcements for emails, newsletters, your school website and social media pages.

Many Careers Advisors have told us that they have more success when they help students through the process in class and when they send the sign-up information home in emails or even as a printed notice – if you have another method that works for you please let us know.

ENTER YOUR CODE – all of these documents use ‘XXXXXXX’ in the place where your code should go – your code is not ‘XXXXXXX’, so you need to change this to your school code (haven’t got one or can’t find it? Ask the team and we’ll send you a copy ASAP)

Email them

Click the link for a Word Doc with a draft sign-up email. You can alter this email however you wish, and insert it into your own email software (either copy+paste or attach) to send to your school community

Include it in your school news

Here’s an article for your next school newsletter

Secure your school code

If you’d like to put a notice on your school website or social media accounts then please protect your school code – otherwise, you could have students from other schools signing up to receive your news

Download a Flyer

Here’s a Flyer you can print and use around your school – it’s in Word format so you can easily add your details.

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