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Make subject selection easy – in just a few clicks, you can get some great subject ideas to choose for Year 11 & 12

Choose for your career, not just your ATAR

It’s pretty normal for students to choose subjects that can help boost their ATAR, but ATAR results aren’t everything.

What career or roles are you aiming to have? 
What types of things will you (actually) be doing each day?
Will you be happy doing these for years at a time?

No matter what you choose, you need to be happy doing it (it’s your life, after all). 

Even if you’re not sure about subjects, or even your choice of career, that’s totally ok too. The Study Work Grow Subject Selection Calculator is all about getting you to think of different ways to achieve your goals. 

Here's how the Calculator works:

Step 1

Start the Calculator

Select the options you think are relevant to the subjects you pick

Step 1

Step 2

We find some suggestions

Our system will look at your choices then choose some suggestions of jobs and subjects you might like to consider

Step 2

Step 3

Get your results

We’ll show you the top four suggestions we have, and you can expand your search from there

Step 3

Step 4

Shortlist your subjects

We’ve matched each field with any prerequisite subjects, our subject suggestions, and some aligned VET areas – please note the subjects have been standardised for all states, so you may need to ‘translate’ to the subjects in your location

Step 4

Ready? Let's pick some subjects

Subject Selection Calculator

Choosing subjects doesn’t have to be stressful – it’s about setting yourself up with the right knowledge so you can start a career you love. Try the subject selector today and see where your answers take you.

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