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To create your own resume, simply fill in the form below. You’ll be able to download a PDF copy of your resume, and we’ll also send you a copy to your email address.

Things to remember:

  • You need to be honest – you may be asked to prove everything if you get an interview
  • Proof-read your submission before you submit it for grammatical errors
  • Check your spelling, and check all the phone numbers and email addresses for errors
  • Ask your referees if it’s ok to list them on your resume, or they could get a big surprise when a potential employer calls them to ask about you

Check out what your resume could look like

While you’re just starting your career you need a resume that’s simple and talks about all the good things you’ve done at school, work, and in the community

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George Ng Resume - 27_02_2019 (1)_Page_1

The Super Simple Resume Builder

1 Your Goals
2 Your Qualities
3 Your Education
4 Your Employment
5 Your Extra-Curricular Activities
6 Your Skills & Interests
7 References
8 Your Details
  • Goals

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