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How to add a Reference to your Portfolio

Once you’ve checked with your referee that it’s ok to add them to your portfolio, add their details into your Portfolio

Add a reference to back up your Portfolio

Particularly important for young people, adding references to your resume can convince a potential employer that you mean business.


Who can I get a reference from?

A referee should be someone who has worked with you in a supervisor role, who can vouch for your character and skills. You could nominate a:

  • Supervisor from work
  • Teacher
  • Community Group leader
  • Sports Coach
  • Religious Leader
  • Family friend
What details do I need? 

You’ll need to provide their name, role, organisation, and contact details. Ask your referee which details they’re ok with you listing (for example, they may prefer you use their work mobile number or personal email address).

You MUST make sure they know you have listed them, and that they may receive a call about your application. It can help to let them know a little bit about the job and why you want to apply as well.

How do I add them?

Adding a reference takes just a couple of minutes. Watch the video:

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