How to create a Careers Advisor Profile

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Your Careers Advisor Profile appears throughout your Careers Hub and helps your students identify that they’re in the right place.
  • Your contact details will make it easy for students to find you when they need
  • Include some information about your career so-far and your qualifications
  • You can set up your appointment system at the same time

Create a Profile in just a few minutes

Your profile tells your students who you are, and how to reach you. Plus, you can let them know a little bit about you and your personal career journey.

It’s easy to create your profile when you first access your Careers Hub – click on ‘Create your Careers Advisor Profile’, fill in your details and you’re done.

Where does my profile appear?

Your profile is found in three places on your Careers Hub:

Under the Careers Team tab on your Careers Hub


At the bottom of your Careers Hub in the footer for quick reference


At the end of your Careers Newsletter
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