How to fill in a Destination Survey

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  • Your response remains secure and private, and the only people who will see it are staff from your previous school
  • By filling in a destination survey, you’re helping to improve the services provided to current and future students from your school

Have you been asked to fill in a Destination Survey for your school?

Schools need to know where their students end up so they can evaluate the effectiveness of their careers program and refine it for future students.

How to fill it in
  1. Go to the link provided by your school and click on ‘Give us your thoughts’
  2. Tell your school about your journey so far, and what you’ve been up to since you finished

It can be really helpful to leave a kind comment for your school, so please consider leaving a message at the bottom of the form if you have time.

What happens with your information

If you’ve been asked to fill in a Destination Survey then you need to know that your response is secure and will not be used for any other purpose.

Your Careers Advisor will be able to see your response, and your data will help them to see what percentage of students follow the pathway they planned to follow while they were still at school. It may help your school to change what they’re doing so that they can better support future students.

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