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How to make an appointment

Book online via your Careers Hub, and don’t forget to let your Careers Advisor know more about what you want to discuss.

You’ll get a confirmation of your appointment by email once your teacher has reviewed your time and checked they can make your appointment.

Make an appointment to meet your Careers Advisor

If your school is a member of Study Work Grow, and your Careers Advisor has activated their Appointments module, then you can quickly and easily make a time to meet with them to discuss your options.


Can I make an appointment?

You can check if your school has activated Appointments on your Careers Hub. Follow the steps below to check.

If you can’t make an appointment on your Careers Hub then you’ll need to get in touch with your Careers Advisor via email or through your school’s system to book a time to meet.


How do I make an appointment?

Step 1
Go to your Careers Hub and click on the Appointments tab


Step 2
Enter your name and email address, and tell your Careers Advisor what you’d like to discuss

Step 3
Select a date and choose an available timeslot, then click on Book Now


What happens next?

Your Careers Advisor will get an email letting them know you’ve requested an appointment, and they’ll be able to either confirm or reschedule your appointment.

Once your appointment is confirmed you’ll get an email letting you know, and if your teacher needs to reschedule you’ll get a message to reschedule with some more options.

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