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Support for Schools

Access editable Word Documents with a summary of the latest news
Learn how to change your password when you need
Has your Accounts team requested a Purchase Order?
Download pre-formatted PDF Careers Newsletters each week
Review all your appointments and choose which ones you confirm and which ones you cancel

Support for Students

Learn how to change your password when you need
Your online portfolio is your record of your study and work history, as well as all your skills, activities and accomplishments
Update your portfolio items with new information from your Portfolio page
Particularly important for young people, adding references to your resume can convince a potential employer that you mean business
Filling in a destination survey takes just a few minutes, but it can be incredibly useful for your school
Either become a member to access the PDF Guides for FREE, or purchase in just a couple of steps
It’s simple to make a time to meet with your Careers Advisor to discuss your options
Your School’s Careers Hub is the central place for everything careers related for your school community.
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