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Don’t wait to finish school to get experience

Things you can do right now   You don’t need to sit around and wait until you’ve finished school to start getting experience, building skills, and making connections for your future. There are lots of things you can do alongside your schoolwork. Let’s take a look at some of your options.   Part-time work   …

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Westpac Youth Impact Challenge

The Westpac Youth Impact Challenge is a nationwide initiative open to all young people around Australia aged 7 to 21 years. The Challenge aims to help young Australians solve problems in their local communities. To take part in the Challenge, participants must identify a local problem and brainstorm an innovative business or social change idea …

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First Pitch Competition

First Pitch calls on budding young entrepreneurs aged up to 18 to enter their best business pitch for the chance to win up to $2,500. You can submit a 3-minute pitch on a business innovation or idea that can make a difference in your community and Australia wide. Your pitch will be judged by a …

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The Genius Generation Podcast

The Genius Generation podcast is a deep-dive into one incredible invention, entrepreneurial pursuit, or discovery per episode and the young person behind it. Did you know that the trampoline was invented by a 16-year-old? That popsicles, snowmobiles, and even the Braille language were also invented by young people? In this podcast we’re talking to innovative …

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Spark Festival 2021

Spark Festival is the place where you can SPARK your big idea, your business, your career and your networks. From October 13-28, join thousands of other ambitious Australians looking to learn and connect, to supercharge their creativity and uncover their purpose at Spark.

Swinburne Demo Night 2021

Be inspired by Swinburne’s newest and most outstanding startups. After 12 weeks of hustling and building at the Swinburne Accelerator Program, five innovative startups are ready to present their ventures to the world. Join us for an evening of innovation, startup stories and entrepreneurial tips and tricks. Mingle with our founders and ask your burning …

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Inspiring Teen Bosses

If you think only old people get to be rich, think again. There are tons of inspiring young people out there turning their dreams into a reality. We’ve gathered a list of some inspiring teen bosses that might help spark your passion.   Bath bomb sisters   Teenage sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw were a …

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Aussie Student Inventions Competition

The 2021 Aussie Student Inventions Competition is now open to all primary and secondary students. In partnership with the producers of ‘Aussie Inventions That Changed The World’, the search is officially back on for Australia’s most innovative students. Your invention can be of any type, size or functionality. It could solve a problem, make life …

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University of Sydney Future Innovators Awards

The Future Innovators Awards recognise and reward high achieving New South Wales Year 12 students for their leadership, critical thinking and interest in business studies. The Future Innovators Awards aim to recognise the visionary leaders of the future. Submit your business solution to a social problem for a chance to receive a prize pack and …

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Teens in Business Awards 2021

Young people across Australia who have incredibly creative ideas are developing and running amazing businesses, and are creating value for their communities. We want to acknowledge these young people and give them the support to expand their impact. By getting involved, students can join a growing community of young people doing innovative things through business. …

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Bond | Ideas Camp 2021

Bring the spark. We’ll fan the flames. Have your students got an idea that will set the world on fire? Are they unsure of what career path to take, but know that they want to blaze their own trail? Now is the time for them to unleash their inner entrepreneur! Ideas camp is a one …

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Spill the Beans ASPiRE Entrepreneurship Program

ASPiRE is an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) program, matching entrepreneurs with schools to assist with their entrepreneurship/business programs. The EIR is a voluntary position for a 6 month term with an option to renew – helping to mentor students, volunteering their time and assisting in the development of transferable entrepreneurial skills in students, ultimately helping …

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Youth Entrepreneurship – Innovation in Science & Technology Workshop

The Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE) with support from Inspiring Australia (ACT) will deliver a set of ‘Indigenous Agriculture Workshops’ in Reid, Australian Capital Territory during National Science Week 2021. The workshops are open to young people aged 8 to 21 years old, with a special focus on indigenous youth, and the $75 cost of …

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? Maybe you want to become the next big entrepreneur? Many universities across Australia offer innovation and entrepreneurship programs for both students and the public. These programs can help you build your entrepreneurship skills, learn about the stages of starting a business, and can provide access to …

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Innovate Like a Startup Founder with SSE and TAFE NSW

Curious about starting a business? Working on an idea that excites you? In this short course from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship and TAFE NSW, you’ll get a quick introduction to the methods and tools that you can use to develop innovative products and services. You’ll learn how to apply these tools to bring your …

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How to Start a Social Impact Business and Change the World

Social Entrepreneurs are the greatest force of change, job creation and community impact. In this webinar you will learn: The difference between Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship How to define your passion and mission as a change-maker How to create an impact in alignment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Who are the …

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Spill the Beans

Spill the Beans is like TED Talks for kids, by kids. It’s a global platform for kids to tell the truth. Spill the Beans creates online and in person events, enabling kids to voice their ideas, stories and inspiration. Our incredible kids get to unleash their inner voice on our global platform. We offer these …

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Podcast with the World’s Highest Achieving Students

How do students win international competitions, launch companies in high school or get into Harvard? Check out the Top of the Class podcast from Crimson Education to get the full story from amazing students around the world. Find out more

Aus Gov Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme helps local businesses grow and improve. The programme offers grants for financial support as well as expert advice through workshops and events held across the country. You can also read stories of businesses who have found success through the programme. Find out more here: https://business.gov.au/Grants-and-Programs/Entrepreneurs-Programme

Women in Business with TAFE NSW

Women in Business is a NSW Government and TAFE NSW initiative that offers a fully subsidised online program for women who are looking to establish a micro business, a small business, or who are already operating a business. You’ll hear from some of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs sharing their own business experiences, while also accessing …

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Vogue Codes Summit

The annual Vogue Codes Summit has gone virtual for 2020 and will take place over two half-days – November 10 and 11. Technology touches more roles and careers than ever before and continues to open up new areas of opportunity. The 2020 Vogue Codes Summit will explore technology as a force for good, how to …

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Join the Australian School of Entrepreneurship

The Australian School of Entrepreneurship offers young people who are interested in entrepreneurship the chance to grow their skills and knowledge. As a member, you will have access to learning content made by young entrepreneurs, a private community of other like-minded youth, your own personal ASE mentor, and more. You don’t need a business idea …

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ASE | Virtual Business Camp

This is a call out for young Aussies aged 7 to 14 years who want to make a positive change in the world through business and entrepreneurship! In just 72 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, love, and pressure that make up the ever changing world of business. You will meet the most amazing …

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ASE | Business Camp

This is a call out for young Aussies aged 7 to 14 years who want to make a positive change in the world through business and entrepreneurship! In just 72 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, love, and pressure that make up the ever changing world of business. You will meet the most amazing …

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Enterprising Girls Challenge

Enterprising Girls is running a competition for budding entrepreneurs to show off their skills. Each challenge focuses on different element of design thinking and will set you on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. The completion of each challenge will put you in the running to win a $100 voucher from Sportsgirl. Challenges are open …

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It Takes a Spark EDU Conference, Perth

The intent of the It Takes a Spark EDU Conference is to bring together Students and their Teachers to connect with inspiring industry role models, share their current school based activities and projects using an authentic sharing and experiential model, create networks of teachers and student teams, and solve social justice design challenges. The participation …

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QLD AI Labs – AI Challenges

QLD AI Labs connects AI enthusiasts with some of the most notable companies in the state to solve their business challenges. A business challenge will be released each month from a new corporate sponsor looking for AI solutions to their challenge. Each participant has access to mentors for support to help solve these challenges. If …

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Entrepreneurship Education in High School – Q&A Webinar

This is a 45-minute free webinar discussing implementation of co-curricular and extra-curricular entrepreneurship programs to augment formal curriculum and prepare students with the mindset and skillset to be more adaptable, employable and competitive in the future.

Listen to the Indigipreneur Podcast

If you’re Indigenous and thinking of starting up your own business, get some inspiration from the Indigipreneur Podcast. Produced by Barayamal, the podcast interviews some of Australia’s most successful Indigenous entrepreneurs. Find out about how they started their business and the success they have now. Listen here: https://barayamal.com.au/podcast/

Foundry Live On Demand

Learn from Australia’s leading creative directors, entrepreneurs, designers and photographers – right from your living room via Foundry’s On Demand stream. Find out about life as a creative and how people are using their work to shape the world around them Watch here: https://foundry.com.au/education/foundry-live-demand/

$20 Boss Entrepreneurship Program

$20 Boss is a free-to-access program that provides $20 of real money to build a business and a tangible way of supporting students to learn, identify and talk about the skills they’re building. Through $20 Boss we flip the focus by challenging students to solve a real problem and help them better understand their relationship …

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CANCELLED – Big Fish Cairns 2020

Are you full of bright ideas? Join us at the 2020 Big Fish Weekend and learn how to turn your ideas into reality. Bringing together 60 budding entrepreneurs from our region, aged 14 – 25, for three days of intensive and fun learning through doing. You’ll be guided through the creative entrepreneurship process. On day …

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UON | Entrepreneurship101

Perhaps you have an idea for a business but don’t know where to start. Or you just want to familiarise yourself with new business development fundamentals to help you grow your entrepreneurial mindset for future opportunities. If so, Entrepreneurship101 (E101) is for you. This 5-week online course offers a mix of materials for every style …

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Monash University | Making STEM Real: Entrepreneurship in Schools

As part of National Science Week, join Monash for a night where they bridge the gap in innovation and its application by bringing entrepreneurship and STEM skills together. In an increasingly technological world, entrepreneurs will need STEM skills to be competitive at the global scale. Introducing entrepreneurial skills in schools of all levels, through STEM, …

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Young Entrepreneurs Course

The Zig Zag Hub in Wollongong is running a series of workshops for upcoming young entrepreneurs. Over the course of four sessions, each operating for 3 hours, they will take students through the stages of creating a new product for the business market. Students will commence the course selecting a problem within society and progress …

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