ACU | Exploring the ‘big questions’

Philosophy is about tackling the big questions – those fundamental to understanding ourselves and society. For instance, are we separable from our bodies? If we are, what does this say about the future of society? Get ready to tackle this ‘big question’ in our philosophy session.

Take an Online Philosophy Class

The Ayn Rand Institute is offering a variety of courses online for free. You can learn all about Ayn Rand, her works and views on philosophy. Find out more here: https://courses.aynrand.org/campus-courses/

UWA | Philosophy ATAR Revision Session

The University of Western Australia’s Philosophy Department will be running a day-long revision workshop for ATAR philosophy students. Over three intensive two-hour sessions, we will cover critical thinking, ethics and political philosophy, and philosophical essay writing. The session is free to attend, will be held on campus at UWA, and is open to anyone preparing …

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