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Read about how TISC calculates the ATAR here.


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TISC does not process postgraduate applications.


TISC | Tertiary Institutions Service Centre

The Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) process applications for courses offered at participating universities and higher education providers in Western Australia. They also:

  • Conduct the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).
  • Administer the Western Australian Universities Foundation Program (WAUFP).
  • Publish periodic School Circulars.
  • Scale WACE results and calculate ATARs for students in Western Australia.

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Key Dates

18 May 2020 – Applications Open – Application fee is $55

11pm 30 September 2020 – Early Bird Applications Close – Fee is now $170

11pm 14 December 2020 – Applications Close (for 15 January 2021 Offers Round)

21 December 2020 TBC – WACE Results Released

11pm 8 January 2021 – Change of Preference Deadline (for 15 January 2021 Offers Round)

15 January 2021 TBC – January Offers (first round) Released

11pm 24 January 2021 – Applications close and final date for Change of Preferences for 28 January offers round

28 January 2021 TBC – Second Offers Round

Other Key Dates

Educational Access Schemes

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) – If you’ve experienced exceptional circumstances during senior secondary schooling, that has adversely affected your Year 11/12 level study,  you can apply for special consideration through TISC.

You can submit your EAS application after you have completed your initial TISC application and paid the processing fee. There is no separate fee for the EAS application but you’ll need to ensure you submit your application before the deadline at 11pm 28 December 2020.

Some universities also offer their own special consideration programs and have updated the requirements to cover the impact of COVID-19 this year.

Adjustment Factors:

All four universities offer ATAR adjustments to students, depending on their personal criteria or school.

TISC work out what you are eligible for using the information in your application, and calculate your Selection Rank for each university – you don’t need to do anything.

As these factors could give you a better Selection Rank, you need to take them into consideration when selecting your preferences.

The four programs are:

Admission Criteria

Apply for admission via TISC and refer to the Admissions Requirements brochure for University Admissions 2021. Also see the Prerequisites and Specific Requirements sections of the courses you’re interested in on Course Search.

If you’re in Year 10, University Admissions 2023 will help you choose your senior secondary courses, so that you can meet university entry requirements.

Read more about Admission Criteria.

Application Info

Step 1
Register with TISCOnline, receive your 8-digit user ID and password to login, then complete the application form.


Step 2

List up to SIX preferences – to maximise your chances of getting an offer list all six preferences.

Remember – you can change these later.


Step 3

Submit your application and pay the processing fee, and don’t forget to upload any supporting documents.

Your application will only be processed after you’ve paid the fee and completed the declaration step.

Once you’ve lodged your application you can only change your contact details and preferences – all other changes must be made in writing.

Application Fees

Early Bird Application Fee – $55.00

Standard Application Fee – $170.00

Other Fees may apply.

Interstate Applicants

If you have completed your secondary schooling in a state other than Western Australia, or have completed an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia or overseas, check here to see the interstate and IB subjects and results accepted by the four Western Australian public universities as comparable to the published WACE prerequisites.


I’ve made an application and paid for it. What happens now?

Your application will activate within 24 hours of your payment being validated. Once this period has passed, both TISC and the universities will be able to view your application.A number of automatic electronic processes next occur:

  • past WA Year 12 results are searched for and, if found, added to your application by TISC;
  • results for past interstate Year 12 results are retrieved by TISC, if available;
  • results for Australian university results (with the exception of results from The University of Notre Dame Australia) are retrieved by TISC, if available;
  • STAT results are searched for and, if found, added to your application by TISC;
  • certain overseas results are retrieved by TISC, if available.

Your application is manually processed to check that all qualifications considered by the universities have supporting documentation, either electronic results retrieved by TISC or hard copy documentation provided by you. Any missing or incorrect documentation is re-requested, either from electronic sources or from you.If all supporting documentation is received, your application is forwarded to the universities on your preference list for their assessment and ranking, based on the information you have provided. If the universities require further documentation, they will contact you direct or they will ask TISC to do so. If you are a non-school leaver, and all your documentation is submitted, and you are eligible for a place in your first preference course, you may be made a pre-December offer within a couple of weeks. Pre-December offers are rarely made for quota courses. Otherwise, you are unlikely to hear anything further until the December round offers are made.

How can I change my contact details online?

Log in to our website and go to ‘Registered User Functions’. From this point, once an application is paid, you can amend all contact details. If you’ve paid for your application online, your contact details (and preferences) can be changed straight away, but if you’ve paid for your application through the mail, or by credit card over the phone, or in person at TISC, there’s a delay until your payment is processed before you can make any changes. Only contact details and preferences can be changed online – all other application information is locked and you need to download an Application Changes Form from our website and post it to TISC. TISC staff will then make the required changes on your behalf.

How do I change my preferences?

Log in to our website and go to ‘Application Enter/Update’ then ‘Course Preferences’. Follow the prompts. At the end of the process, a reference number is issued onscreen to confirm your changes. Remember to check closing dates as these may impact on the preference changes you intend to make.

Other FAQs.

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