Careers Department: Your Ultimate Resource

There is an easy way to get everything you need for a fantastic careers program at school

Do you run a Careers Department at school?

Being an Australian school Careers Advisor is challenging. 

You’re one of the most important people (other than parents) when it comes to influencing the future direction of Australia’s young people. And they look up to you as a source of knowledge and guidance. 

Which is why having access to a wide range of resources for your careers department is crucial.

Whether you’ve been offering career guidance at school for many years, or this is your first year of teaching, here’s a list of the key items a good careers office will have available to students:

Access to Careers News that’s updated weekly

The world of work is changing quickly, and as a result, senior students at school need to get the latest information from their school careers department (not from an old list of common jobs).

Their choice of career in the near future will dictate what subjects they choose at school now, and what university or VET course they take next year. So having access to the latest careers news can open up new possibilities for them. Especially when it gives them ideas they might not have considered before. Looking for good suggestions? Job Spotlights are a great way to show them some career options.

Researched Higher Education News from key sources

With 42 universities in Australia and countless VET, TAFEs and Private Colleges, higher education news changes on a weekly basis.

That’s why the careers department at your school needs regular updates so that you don’t miss important Open Days, Application Dates and Course Changes. It also means you won’t be the careers advisor facing the “Why didn’t you know about this?” question. All by subscribing to a researched news service.

A Careers Department Website for your school

Lots of school careers advisors spend money on separate websites for their school Careers Department. Some of them are great but expensive, and others look good but aren’t updated regularly (meaning the students don’t use them).

The ideal solution is getting access to a free school careers website that looks great, but is updated with information for you automatically. Here’s an example of one that’s for a fictitious Australian high school called ‘Careerville College’ – see how it’s fresh, modern and simple? It’s exactly what senior students are looking for. And best of all, it’s free.

Newly Updated Guides, Workbooks and Downloads for Students

Need an easy way to get information on key topics like Work Experience, Scholarships and Early Entry to University out to students and parents?

PDF or Printed Guides, workbooks and downloads are a simple way to do this. But often the ‘guides’ available online today are biased towards particular institutions or work outcomes. Study Work Grow’s research team provides carefully researched guides and workbooks on a range of important topics for Careers Advisors. Great for sharing with students, they’re free for everyone to access with a School Membership.

Online Tools for Subject Selection, Goal Setting and Resume Writing (like a CV builder)

There are so many teaching outcomes that can be achieved today with the use of technology. To offer a full teaching experience for students, your school Careers Department needs access to online tools that can help students to do things like subject selection, goal setting and creating a resume. Whether for use in class or recommended as homework, there’s lots of great options available today.

Showing them Work Experience and Virtual Work Experience Opportunities

Even in a post-COVID world, work experience will still be an important thing for students to get access to. And while buying ‘virtual’ work experience might be a novel way for careers advisors to help students see what work could be like, YouTube has an endless list of fantastic workplace videos for free.

What really counts is in-person work experience – where students can see, ask and do – giving them real exposure to what each job is like.

Study Work Grow maintains one of Australia’s most popular work experience databases, with opportunities available right across the country, all listed for free. Check it out here.

Providing Skills Reports and Career Profiling

A popular online service, many students (and their parents) want to know how they’re progressing with their skills and what their best career options might be.

A quick search online will find that these services can be incredibly expensive to use and are often US or UK-based, meaning the results aren’t always ideal. After talking with teachers from the Careers Department of several high schools, we found that an Australian-designed skills & career profiling test was needed. You can read more about the Skills Report here.

Having in-class Careers Teaching Resources to use

For the limited time that many Australian school careers advisors have with students, the content you’re covering needs to be both helpful and impactful in your students’ decision making.

That’s why our focus is on producing content that informs, engages and inspires young people, while also being easier than ever to teach.

Looking for a new way to teach careers and higher education at your school?

Trying a new careers information service at school often means risking your limited careers budget on a service that might not deliver.

At Study Work Grow, we understand. We’re so confident you’ll love our information and resources that we make them freely available to you for 3 months in an all-access trial. See why teachers in the Careers Departments of schools all over Australia choose Study Work Grow today by clicking here.


About Study Work Grow

Our company was founded in 2006 by a school careers advisor who was frustrated with a lack of easy-to-access careers news. Soon enough, Study Work Grow’s time-saving news service became wildly popular across the country. Available for school careers advisors as well as parents and students, we’ve been creating exciting, new student-first information ever since. Try us out today, free for 3 months.

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