Get ahead of the pack with one of Australia's most prestigious scholarships


Find out how you can get your hands on a scholarship that could set you up for a brilliant career

These sought-after scholarships do much more than cover your finances.

You’ll get access to exclusive leadership and development programs, internships and work experience, as well as a host of other benefits that will transform your university experience.

But each university has a unique system – different eligibility criteria, application process and deadline. We’ve done the hard work for you, and collected all the information you need in the one place so you can apply with confidence.


You should apply

(even if you're not sure you'll get it)

Why? Because they’re looking for more than just academic results. Many of these scholarship providers even state they’ll bend the rules for the right candidates. 

Plus it’s good practice. Even getting onto a short-list looks great on your resume, and you’ll have gained invaluable application and interview experience. 

These scholarships generally provide:

  • Financial support that covers fees, accommodation and living expenses
  • Accommodation support, and priority access to on-campus accommodation
  • Unrivalled leadership opportunities and exclusive mentoring programs
  • Work experience with industry leading organisations
  • Networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else

Plus, many of these programs have a 100% success rate for finding a job after graduation. 


University Co-op Scholarships 2021

Popular Co-op Scholarships

Australian Capital Territory

The Tuckwell Scholarship Program
$22,200 AUD per year
New South Wales

UNSW Co-op Program
$19,600 per year
New South Wales

UTS Women in Engineering and IT Cooperative Scholarship
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