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Work Experience for Hornsby Girls High School

Coordinator: Dr David Turner

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Work Experience Availability

07 - 11 December 2020
It is the students responsibility to seek out, make contact & follow up with any potential employers (unless stated otherwise on the student / parent information letter).

Work experience provides the opportunities for students to experience the routines & responsibilities associated with the world of work.

The Work Experience program at Hornsby Girls’ High School is an integral part of the school curriculum. All Year 10 students are required to participate in work experience for a period of one working week.

The organisation and conditions of the Work Experience program are as follows:

  1. Students must locate their own work experience position. It is expected that students will negotiate their placement directly with an employer (with the exception of the placements listed in item 12). A data base of past Work Experience contacts will be placed on the school’s Careers Google Classroom. Student responsibilities include the regular follow-up of all initial enquires including placements organised through the Careers Counsellor.
  2. The completed ‘Work Placement Record (WPR)’ is to be submitted before Friday 06 November 2020. Deadlines will be strictly adhered to. The original copy of the WPR will be retained by the school. Students are to make a copy for the employer and another copy to be retained by them. If there is a problem in keeping to deadlines contact Dr Turner.
  3. Electronic versions of the Work Placement Form will also be placed on the HGHS Careers Google Classroom. This may be filled in & sent via email to an employer.
  4. All students are to attend the entire week of the program in compliance with the normal regulations and rules associated with the placement (this includes dress regulations). HGHS holds no student or social functions during the Work Experience week and students are not permitted to take ‘time off work’ to prepare for and / or attend any other school’s activities. Travel to and from work should be by the usual method of transport for employees. The cost of fares and any incidental expenses (such as lunches) are to be met by the student.
  5. In case of illness, the work placement supervisor and the school are to be notified as soon as possible.
  6. The employer will not pay a wage during the work placement, as the student has the status of a ‘learner’.
  7. The employer is covered in terms of insurance by the NSW Department of Education (renewed at the end of the FY).
  8. Where ever possible an ‘on the job’ contact will be made to each student by a staff member.
  9. Students will have specifically prepared assessment forms to be completed by the work place supervisor at the conclusion of the program.
  10. If you wish to participate in work experience that involves accommodation away from home, school approval must be sought in writing by Friday 16 October 2020.
  11. The following work experience activities are prohibited:
    – Travel by helicopter,
    – Air travel on unrecognised airlines,
    – Attendance at abattoirs, and
    – Use of prescribed or dangerous machines
  12. Competition for some work placements can be intense. Therefore there is a need to be organised well in advance. This applies particularly to major newspapers, TV stations, Defence Forces, the Zoo, The Police Force, major hotel chains, hospitals and other large companies. Students interested in such placements are not to contact the organisations directly and should contact the Careers Counsellor or delegate as soon as possible. Parents are asked not to approach the employer directly while the student is participating in the program.
  13. Students who are unable to locate and organise a suitable work experience placement will be expected to participate in alternative activities arranged at school.
  14. It is expected that students seek out work placements in organisations that are not directly associated with their family.

Program Objectives

Work Experience is meant to be enjoyable and valuable. It provides opportunities for students to:

  • Negotiate work placements with real employers
  • Experience a ‘work day’ routine
  • Experience possible future career choices in a work environment
  • Develop skills in meeting deadlines, time management, team work & communication
  • Experience adult roles and responsibilities, &
  • Examine possible relationships between school studies and future training and employment.

For parents; you could prepare your child by:

Before work experience,

  • Assist in researching a number of occupations and lifestyles,
  • Encourage independence & responsibility,
  • If relevant, select a vocation in which your child may have a genuine career interest at the moment,
  • If not sure of a vocational direction discuss possible options that highlight the changing nature & flexibility of the world of work, &
  • Discuss alternatives & possible vocational pathways currently available.

During work experience, discuss with your child:

  • How the work place organisation works,
  • Any education and training requirements,
  • Working conditions & routines,
  • The role of trade unions and professional organizations,
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) issues,
  • Employee responsibilities and rights, &
  • Employer responsibilities and rights.

After work experience, encourage your child to:

  • Discuss the employer’s report, &
  • Review and discuss future career plans & or university options & pathways.

Can you offer Work Experience for our students?

Work Experience helps students to refine their options and learn more about possible paths they could take once school is over.

It’s important that our students have access to quality work experience positions while they’re still at school, and we would like to invite members of our community to offer placements to our students.

Only students from Hornsby Girls High School will be able to see and apply for work experience with you, and you can choose which students you accept to suit your schedule and workload.

To offer a position to our students, simply fill in the details of your work experience placement below and we’ll let you know if a student is interested.

  • Business/Organisation title
  • The job title of the role the student will be shadowing during work experience.
  • What kind of things will the students be doing?
  • Will students be required to do any of the following?
  • Do they need to wear business dress, closed in shoes, black pants etc.?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Insurance cover is provided by the NSW Department of Education.

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