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“Work” has been found to improve mental and physical health, improve wellbeing and help adults recover from injury and illness (Modini et al, 2016, McKee-Ryan et al, 2005).

Like their adult counterparts, research is now demonstrating that young people who work whilst at school show significantly higher levels of wellbeing than those who do not.

According to the SkillsRoad Youth Census (2018), students who participated in a combination of work/school activities reported significantly higher on Wellbeing dimensions including “meaning, optimism, self-esteem, vitality, positive emotions, emotional stability, resilience and self-acceptance”. This is a strong piece of evidence supporting the benefits of work for young people which can be gained while at school.

For Toorak College, our students must emerge from school able to flourish in a highly complex world. They will be confident in their own interests and have the capacity to manage themselves in unfamiliar contexts.

By providing the opportunity to pursue, work experience, internships and casual employment whilst studying, we enable the development of career management skills, career resilience and improved wellbeing.

Can you offer Work Experience for our students?

Work Experience helps students to refine their options and learn more about possible paths they could take once school is over.

It’s important that our students have access to quality work experience positions while they’re still at school, and we would like to invite members of our community to offer placements to our students.

Only students from Toorak College will be able to see and apply for work experience with you, and you can choose which students you accept to suit your schedule and workload.

To offer a position to our students, simply fill in the details of your work experience placement below and we’ll let you know if a student is interested.

  • Business/Organisation title
  • The job title of the role the student will be shadowing during work experience.
  • What kind of things will the students be doing?
  • Will students be required to do any of the following?
  • Do they need to wear business dress, closed in shoes, black pants etc.?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Insurance is covered by the Department of Education (VIC), Worksafe Insurance, employers are not required to purchase additional insurance to host work experience students.

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