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Work Experience gives you a chance to try out a career you’ve been considering before you tie yourself in. You’ll get opportunities to try skills, tour the workplace, and see what the job is really about. Rule out roles that won’t suit your talents or lifestyle, and you’ll also be able to meet and speak with other people working in potential roles you could fill.

Without Work Experience, you will need to rely on the accounts of others or what you think the job will be like. There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself, so before you embark on further study or choose subjects make sure you know what the job could really be like.

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Our education team aim to promote an understanding and appreciation of the role and significance of the Legislative Assembly to ACT citizens and visitors. Placement opportunities are offered for: school and vocational education students undertaking a school or vocational (CIT) work experience program university students completing programs with an internship …

Work Experience with the ACT Legislative Assembly Read More »

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia welcomes applications from candidates interested in work experience or would like to join the organisation as a volunteer.
Applications for Victorian Opera’s 2023 Work Experience Program have now closed. Applications for 2024 will open in Term 4 2023. Victorian Opera’s Work Experience program gives Year 10 students the chance to work closely with and be mentored by leading professionals in the performing arts industry. We welcome students who …

Work Experience with Victorian Opera Read More »

REDARC offer high school students an opportunity to undertake a period of work experience. Typically, this includes time spent in the Production area where students are exposed to many aspects of the electronics manufacturing environment and processes.
A week of work experience with our passionate staff at one of our parks across Victoria can provide high school students with a taste of what it’s like to work for Parks Victoria. All work experience placements need to be negotiated directly with the local work centre or office and …

Work Experience with Parks Victoria Read More »

Volunteers help with several of our services including Meals on Wheels in Alice Springs, ReStore secondhand shop in Darwin and the Community Visitors Scheme across the NT. When possible we can provide assistance to people who have study or work experience requirements.
Work experience is recognised by our department as playing an integral part in: the total career education program for students, those without employment, those investigating new careers and migrants wishing to develop their previous work experience enhancing our department’s relationships with education institutions and other relevant organisations. Where appropriate and resources …

Work Experience with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA Read More »

CCAS can host ACT Year 12 students for five days during an exhibition installation week. As installation weeks vary throughout the year, please contact CCAS to see if one aligns with your requirements.
Are you currently studying and need to gain experience in the workforce? Ipswich City Council recognises the importance of providing meaningful work experience to students of educational institutions such as high schools, universities and other recognised courses of study. The objective of work experience is to enable participants to gain …

Work Experience with Ipswich City Council Read More »

Work experience is unpaid on-the-job training and participants will be treated as volunteers. Work experience placement requests are considered in the order that they are received by the business. We are committed to providing meaningful work experience opportunities. We see it as a valuable contribution to the community and we …

Work Experience with Blacktown City Council Read More »

The Eureka Veterinary Clinic as been recognised by the Ballarat community for providing high quality, compassionate and personalised veterinary care. If you are interested in work experience with the Eureka Veterinary Clinic, contact them via email (available on their site linked below).
The Department of Environment and Science (DES) is committed to providing work experience opportunities for both secondary and tertiary students. When you undertake an unpaid work experience placement with our Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service & Partnerships (QPWS&P) division, you will be able to explore potential career options and gain …

Work Experience with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Read More »

The Surveying Task Force Work Experience Program provides you with a direct link to surveying organisations who are looking to support and mentor you. Simply register your interest and they will link you to companies who have placements available.
Hosted at the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, we offer work experience placements for Year 10 students who want to learn more about chemical engineering. By participating in our interactive activities, students will gain insight into various industries where chemical engineers work and career pathways for chemical engineers. You’ll …

University of Sydney Chemical Engineering Work Experience Read More »

The Victorian public sector offers work experience placements for Year 9 and Year 10 high school students. Work experience provides high school students with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in the public sector, and explore career options at the same time. In a work experience placement, you’ll get …

Work Experience with the Victorian Public Sector Read More »

DPV Health supports our local schools and offers work experience opportunities to year 10 local students. If students have an interest in the health industry or other business related fields, our work experience program may be of interest to you. Depending on availability, there could be opportunities in planned activity …

Work Experience with DPV Health Read More »

Townsville City Council’s work experience program is designed to provide participants with an insight into how local government operates and to provide them with knowledge and practical experience in the field or industry of interest. To be eligible for our work experience program you must either be: a secondary school …

Work Experience with Townsville City Council Read More »

Every year Valley Veterinary Surgery takes in students from Year 10-12 who are interested in pursuing a career in the veterinary industry. They also take on 3rd-5th Year Veterinary Science students from various Universities as part of their clinical rotation requirements. If you are in Year 10-12 or currently studying …

Work Experience with Valley Veterinary Surgery Read More »

Seeing Eye Dogs offers work placements to current school students from years 10 to 12, University and TAFE students, who have a keen interest in working with dogs and in contributing to the blind and low vision community. Our unique work experience program offers students the chance to learn about the …

Work Experience with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Read More »

Council’s work experience program provides students with the chance to gain on-the-job experience to complement their study. Work experience helps students make informed decisions about their future and provides an opportunity to explore potential careers. There is a diverse range of work experience opportunities at Council. If you would like …

Work Experience with the Sunshine Coast Council Read More »


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