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How to become a Psychologist

How to become a Psychologist

Help people manage their mental health   What do Psychologists do?   Psychologists are health professionals who use their knowledge and skills to diagnose and …

How to become a Logistics Manager

How to become a Logistics Manager

Help our goods get from A to B   What do Logistics Managers do?   Logistics Managers are responsible for making sure our goods and …

How to become a Pharmacist

How to become a Pharmacist

Be a beacon of the community   What do Pharmacists do?   A Pharmacist’s job is to prep and provide over-the-counter drugs and fill prescriptions, …

work experience

Blue Peanut Virtual Medicine Work Experience and Interview Courses

Blue Peanut are an organisation based in the UK who have recognised the need for Medicine applicants to get relevant work experience and help with …

Talking Virtual Work Experience with Grandshake

Talking Virtual Work Experience with Grandshake

Virtual work experience is on the rise. Traditional work experience is still around, but it can be challenging to find a placement, let alone ones …

3 Dos and Don’ts at your first work experience placement

If you’ve never done work experience or had a job before, going in for the first time can seem a bit scary. You might have …

Money matters

Findex Young Money Podcast

Findex’s Young Money podcast explores essential skills around common money experiences and helps empower young people to take control of their finances. Our host and …

Tax for High School Students

Feeling a bit confused about tax? We’ve spoken directly to the ATO, and they’ve provided us with a handy guide for people new to the …

Tax and Young People

Tax and Young People

What is tax?   It’s not the most fun subject to talk about, but it’s an important one – tax. If you’ve got yourself a …

resumes and portfolios

The Mono Awards 2021

The Mono Awards, presented by SanDisk, is Australia and New Zealand’s largest competition dedicated to the art of monochrome and black-and-white photography. Since launching in …

What Skills Should You Include on Your Resume?

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to know exactly how to tailor your resume to what an employer is looking for. …

Photography Ideas You Can Do at Home

If you’re the creative type, now could be a good time to build up some work to show in your portfolio. And you don’t have …

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