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How to become a Brewer

How to become a Brewer

Create delicious and wonderful drinks   What do Brewers do?   Brewers create, produce and test beers and other alcoholic drinks. They can work in …

How to become an Anthropologist

How to become an Anthropologist

Study and preserve customs, cultures and stories What do Anthropologists do?   Anthropologists research and examine all aspects of human society and behaviour, both past …

How to become a Firefighter

How to become a Firefighter

What do Firefighters do?   Firefighters respond to emergency calls for a variety of disasters, including fires, chemical spills, gas leaks, rescue missions, and accidents. …

work experience

Work Experience Alternatives

Work Experience Alternatives

In 2020, with businesses closed or having to stick to strict COVID regulations in order to operate, work placements could be tricky. You may need …

The benefits of Networking

Networking sounds daunting, so let’s break it down   “Networking” is a term you’ll probably hear a lot of through your life, but more so …

Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience

Sometimes it can be tricky to find work experience. Maybe the program you wanted to do is full, or it’s in a city that’s far …

Money matters

Tax, Super + You Competition

If you’re a student in Year 7–12, we want you to unleash your creativity and find a new way to tell us about tax and …

How to become a Financial Manager

How to become a Financial Manager

Responsible for guiding the financial health of organisations   What do Financial Managers do?   Financial Managers take care of the money side of businesses. …


Becoming Independent

Your journey through high school is just the beginning of your independence. You might be looking forward to moving out, being able to stay up …

resumes and portfolios

What Skills Should You Include on Your Resume?

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to know exactly how to tailor your resume to what an employer is looking for. …

Photography Ideas You Can Do at Home

If you’re the creative type, now could be a good time to build up some work to show in your portfolio. And you don’t have …

7 stay-at-home resources

Stuck in quarantine, or school’s been shut down because of the recent Corona Virus outbreak? Here are some useful activities and resources you can access …

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