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Job Spotlights

job spotlights

What is it like to work on a cruise ship

What is it like to work on a cruise ship?

Find out what it takes to work on a cruise ship in this Workplace Spotlight – explore skills, tasks, jobs, and Career Clusters.
How to become a Paramedic

How to become a Paramedic

Interested in a frontline job responding to medical emergencies? Find out about how to become a Paramedic and see if it's the job for you.
What is it like to work in a vineyard

What is it like to work in a vineyard?

Explore the tasks, skills, and jobs you might find when working in a vineyard in this Workplace Spotlight.

work experience

work experience insights

Work experience insights from real students

Curious about what your work experience placement might involve? Read stories of real students and get some insights into what to expect.

Green work experience ideas

Keen to explore a green career? We have some green work experience ideas to spark your curiosity - including in some industries you might not
Work experience dance

Work experience for students who love dance

If you love to dance, we have some work experience ideas that can help you explore your passion and turn it into a career.

Money matters

spend scholarship money

How should I spend my scholarship money?

So you just received a scholarship - how should you spend the money? We have some tips to help you get the most bang for
pay tax on scholarships

Do you need to pay tax on scholarships?

Wondering whether you need to pay tax on scholarships? We've gone over the general guidelines to give you peace of mind before you apply.
Organised scholarship application

Staying organised throughout the scholarship application process

Strengthen your scholarship applications by being organised from the start, saving you time and effort down the track.

resumes and portfolios

What is a portfolio?

The Power of Portfolios

When applying for jobs or university courses, you might find you’re asked to submit a portfolio alongside (or instead of) a resume or your academic

What’s Your Strength Cards

This guest article was written by Lucy Sattler, chief Career Practitioner at Study Work Grow and advocate for early career education.    A little while

Connecting what you have achieved to where you want to go

By Julie Dal Santo from My Career Capital Achievements are often personal. Each of us will have different versions of what success looks like. In
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